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The Homeopathic principle is best summed up by the Latin phrase similia, similibus, curentur, meaning ‘ Let like substances be used to treat like diseases'. Homeopathy in Greek means ‘equal or similar illness', and refers to the unique principle of using the ‘like' remedy to effect a cure.

A further unique feature is the attention given by a Homeopathic practitioner to the personal factors of his patient that may contribute to his level of health or sickness. Both the physical aspects as well as the emotional aspects are used to form an overall picture as a basis for diagnosis and treatment. The Homeopath will find a remedy that is unique for his patient and not only fits the symptoms but the life style and personality of the patient.

The aim of the Homeopath is to strengthen the bodies constitution and at the same time to stimulate the natural mechanism of defense in the human body. This helps to stimulate the natural healing process from inside out leading to a cure of the symptoms rather than treating the symptoms without dealing with the cause as in conventional medication. Also in contrast to conventional medication there are absolutely no harmful side effects from homeopathic remedies.

The Health Barn Clinic has been well established as a Homeopathic centre for over twenty years and has one of the largest range of Homeopathic remedies in The greater London Area. The resident Homeopath is Dr Dan Mihai Manu, MD, LCPH,Dip HTOX, MARH, MSHAT Alliance of Registered Homeopaths. Dr Manu has a doctorate in conventional medicine but works at the clinic as a Homeopath / Naturopath.

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