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Thank you for your interest in our diagnostic equipment. It is the latest technology of this kind from Germany .. which has been thoroughly clinically proven and tested. The system is called CoRe Inergetix Advanced.
CoRe Inergetix Advanced Computerized Diagnostic System

The independent “What Doctors Don't Tell You” website recently reported on this type of system under the Heading “A new medicine for a new age” stating that; “This technology has been tested in properly conducted scientific trials, and the UK's National Health Service is even considering using several of these technologies in hospitals and surgeries.. “ …… This type of diagnostic system has been in use for a number of years now in the private health care sector but the CoRe system is the latest and most advanced of its kind.

The system is connected to the body non invasively similar to the way an Electro Cardiogram monitor would be connected in a Hospital. The process is based on Quantum Physics which is able to accurately diagnose up to 30.000 body elements in health or disease via the bodies bio energetic fields. It will accurately scan for: Allergies, Nutritional Deficiencies, Toxicity, Parasites, Organ malfunctions, Biochemical Imbalances and disturbances in the bodies energy fields.

The evaluation takes approximately one hour with our resident Homeopath; Dr Dan Mihai Manu, MD, LCPH, MARH, Alliance of Registered Homeopaths. Dr Manu has a doctorate in conventional medicine but works in the clinic as a Homeopath / Naturopath and his field of expertise encompasses not only Nutritional Supplements but Homeopathic and Herbal remedies too. On completion of the energetic diagnostic test you will receive a coloured evaluation printout of each level of the screening process.

If your condition requires treatment Doctor Manu will be able to advise you accordingly and suggest the remedies required. You are not obligated to purchase any medication and you will not be pressurized to do so.

We also offer conventional laboratory screening testing for blood sugar and cholesterol levels and also urinalysis.

The results are available in 10 minutes.

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